Help Kosovo & Cacttus training for Educational Correctional Center in Lipjan

Help Kosovo in cooperation with Cacttus Education are organizing a Vocational Training in Information Technology field.

The Training subject is (HTML, CSS and Java Script) for the Staff of the Educational Correctional Center in Lipjan.

After this training the staff will be able to share the experience with the youngsters that are in this Center and develop them in order to find jobs in the field of information technology.

The training will be provided by Cacttus Education free of charge. Help Kosovo will provide transport for the trainer.

Training Period is three weeks from 20th March 2018 to 6th April 2018.

Recently Help Kosovo supported Educational Correctional Center in Lipjan with technology equipment.

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Correctional Educational Center in Lipjan supported by Help Kosovo

Kosovo National Television RTK visited the Correctonal Educational Center in Lipjan which was recently supported by Help Kosovo with technology equipment in order to have different training in the field of information technology. This Center offers unique services for the youngsters who are under 18 years old and this gives them an opportunity to develop themselves and attend training so they can be employed in the future and move out of the problems.
Help Kosovo will continue to support this Center in different training in partnership with Kosovo Companies that offer training.
Check the link below to learn more about this Center:

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