At a glance

Ever since its inception in 1981, “Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe” has been committed to providing people in need with prompt, sustainable and long-term aid and support.


We envision a world without misery, poverty and social inequality. Our goal is to enable people to take charge of their own life and live independently in dignity, peace and security.


The guiding principles of our work are based on the areas of responsibility stated in our Articles of Association and are specified in detail in the vision and mission statement of our aid organisation.

Latest News

Help-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Mission in Kosovo

Once being active after the war in 1999, Help has resumed its operations in the Republic of Kosovo in May 2015, providing socio-economic assistance for vulnerable individuals. The overall objective of the projects is to contribute to the sustainable development and the stability in targeted areas with the main focus on the economic empowerment.




Signing cooperation agreement

Meetings with municipalities are organized at the very beginning of the project implementation in order to confirm planned activities as agreed during the project preparation phase.

Purchase and Distribution of the Equipment

Purchase and distribution of equipment starts after the grant contracts with the selected clients have been signed. The preparation of tender documentation includes specification of equipment and grouping the articles for purchase.


Information campaigns are organized and implemented in cooperation with project partners and relevant stakeholders as well as media representatives.

Business and Vocational Trainings

Our staff is trained on the methodology of training, developing training curricula, and the principles of effective training that will in the field in order to enhance the dissemination of information to our beneficiaries.

Signing contracts with clients

The selected applicants, will receive in-kind grant assistance in the form of equipment and/or material in the average value of 2,000 EUR and appropriate training.

Monitoring and business advice

The main features to be monitored are the following: training implementation, distribution of material inputs, start and progress of the registration procedure, start-up and development of individual businesses.


Completed Projects


Grants in equipment


Partner Municipalities


workshops established in KCS