Dear farmers,

The realization of this work diary is made possible by the Help Kosovo organization and we hope that this book will serve the farmers in a useful way. Help in Kosovo provides social and economic assistance to people vulnerable to poverty and negative social phenomena.
The overall aim of the projects implemented by Help is to support sustainable development and stability in certain areas, with a focus on economic empowerment which are supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the German Government and implemented by the Kosovo office of the Help organization– Hilf zur Selbsthilfe.

Keeping records is a topic that few farmers care about discussing or practicing. However, it is becoming a critical and very important task in agriculture. As agriculture becomes more commercialized, farmers should strive to be confident about the performance of their farms at all times. This is difficult to achieve if a farmer does not keep a record of financial transactions and other activities that take place on the farm. Regardless of the record-keeping methodology, the best system is one in which all expenses and income are recorded at the correct time and manner.