Information sessions for interested in applying for grant

 Project: “Support to socio-economic stability in the western Balkans region 2017-2018” financed from the German Government and partner Municipalities whereas is implemented by Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, will start with information sessions for citizens willing to apply for grants in following municipalities: Fushe Kosovo (35 grants), Obiliq (30 grants), Prizren (40 grants), Graçanica (15 grants).

Through information sessions Help will:

  • Inform the interested citizens related with the targeted ideas and project
  • Inform the interested citizens with the project components and selection criteria
  • Distribute the application form for all interested participants
  • Answer the questions

First information sessions:

Date Municipality Location Time
Monday, 25/02/2019 Fushe Kosove Municipal assembly hall 12:00
Tuesday, 26/02/2019 Obiliq Municipal assembly hall 11:00
Wednesday, 27/02/2019 Prizren Municipal Assembly  (ex Bankos), red hall 11:00
Thursday, 28/02/2019 Graçanice Municipal assembly hall 11:00

Second information sessions:

Data Municipality   Location Time
Monday, 04/03/2019 Fushe Kosove Centre for Cooperation and Integration „Fidan Lahu“ 12:00
Wednesday, 06/03/2019 Prizren Municipal Assembly  (ex Bankos), red hall 11:00
Wednesday, 06/03/2019 Prizren Municipal Assembly  (ex Bankos), red hall 14:00
Wednesday, 06/03/2019 Prizren DokuKino Hall 18:00

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable development and the stability in targeted areas with the main focus on the economic empowerment. While specific goal is creation of new jobs through direct support with donations for small businesses. Through this project, equipment will be provided so that beneficiaries can start or expand their business. The average amount of a donation, for one beneficiary is 2,000.00 euro compensated with equipment, not cash.

Photos from the Info session in Fushë Kosova – 04.03.2019

Photos from the Info session in Graçanica – 28.02.2019

Photos from the Info session in Prizren – 27.02.2019

Photos from the Info session in Obiliq – 26.02.2019

Photos from the Info session in Fushe Kosova – 25.02.2019