Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe organization awarded 26 grants to businesses in Mitrovica

Today, in Mitrovica, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe organization awarded 26 grants to beneficiaries of the project “Supporting Socio-Economic Stability in the Western Balkans Region”.

Within the framework of this project supported by the Help organization, in the municipality of Mitrovica, contracts for 26 beneficiaries have been signed, in an average value of 2,000 euros.

The grants ceremony was attended by Deputy Mayor Faruk Mujka, Director of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ekrem Sadiku, Nehat Bahtiri chief of the cabinet of Mayor’s office and Help’s Program Coordinator, Shqipe Breznica.

In his speech, Deputy Mayor Mujka thanked the help organization, who in the course of their projects have selected the municipality of Mitrovica this year, supporting the initial businesses and participating in the alleviation of unemployment and economic growth.

While Shqipe Breznica, Program Coordinator of Help, in her speech stated that the purpose of Help is to support the implementation of existing local development strategies and support the process of sustainable development in the country. She further informed the attendees about the great interest of the citizens of Mitrovica to attend the training organized by Help as a part of the contract.

“More than 270 citizens have expressed interest in becoming part of this project, so 20 out of the beneficiaries that were foreseen to be selected in the city of Mitrovica, have increased the number and have benefited 26 businesses”, said Shqipe Breznica.

The grant beneficiaries also thanked for the care and support shown by the municipality and the Help organization, who are jointly interested to support the start of new businesses and the country’s economic development.