Title: Reconomy Project

ECONOMIC SECTOR / MARKET – Information communication and technology (ICT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) SUPPORTING FUNCTION/RULE – Skills development, financial and business services, coordination
TIME FRAME & PLACE – August 2020 – April 2022 Western Balkans
CO-FACILITATION PARTNER – Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V


This pilot idea focuses on regionally replicating and improving successful models from Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina in the ICT and BPO sectors in Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo & Montenegro. The pilot idea also builds on (a) the proposal submitted by Hilfe which the Sida program selection committee evaluated and (b) complementary assessments of ideas generated by the Sida program in June and July as part of designing the program.


The ICT-BPO pilot effectively responds to the critical constraints and create a Western Balkan ‘value proposition’. This in practice means branding of the region by stimulating the competitiveness of private sector enterprises and creating a critical mass by attracting more services and clients. This is expected to generate more inclusive and sustainable benefits for women and young people as well as other disadvantaged and excluded groups.

The pilot facilitates:

1. Access to better functioning business services (e.g. information /research and knowledge generation),
2. The supply of skilled workforce (with better employability or freelancing) demanded by the private sector and facilitation of participation on the freelance brokering platforms, and the improvement of the membership organizations’ business development to link domestic companies and foreign clients as well as an advocate towards a regional brand for the promotion of the BPO sector.