Help Mission in Kosovo supports the Elderly Care House in Prishtina with medicaments to manage the Situation against Coronavirus.
The center has about 80 elders who are in need of essential medicaments.
Help has responded promptly to requests from officials at this center with medications such as: Vitamin C (Ac. Ascorbic), B-Complex, Diclofenac, Alcohol (ethanol), Facial Masks, Corvitol (metoprolol), Physiological Digestion (Nacl), Ringer (Na, CL, K), Infusion system, Oxygen system, Sterile gloves, Amp. Fraxiparin (Nadroparin Calcium), Ranitidin Amp. 50mg / 5ml, Loratidine, Enap-H (Enalapril + Hydrochlorothiazide), Furosemid tab, Furosemid amp, Linex Cap, Tetanus amp, Elastic bandages.