Caring for the environment and providing security to citizens unites the synergy between Help Kosovo, the Municipality of Prishtina and the Kosovo Correctional Service.
From the meeting that took place on 04.03.2021 in the Correctional Service in Dubrava (Istog) between the officials of Help Kosovo, the Municipality of Prishtina and Mr. Ismet Fekaj Head of Instructors and Trainings in this center has initiated cooperation between 3 parties involved in creating a safer and cleaner environment in the city of Prishtina.
In this case it was discussed about the garbage bins and metal fences which will be produced in the Center of Dubrava and will be placed in coordination with the relevant municipality in areas where there is more need.
This project is intended to engage prisoners in this center in carrying out work on the production of baskets and fences with the support of Help Kosovo. Some time ago Help Kosovo has supported this center with professional welding equipment and training with ISO standards where more than 20 people (from staff and prisoners) are trained.