Help’s journey through the Balkans continues, and today we bring you insights from our visit to Kosovo. Our dedicated team, led by Secretary General Dr. Thorsten Klose-Zuber, and board members Ute Vogt and Angelika Josten Janssen, met with the Help in Kosovo team to dive into their inspiring portfolio.
In Kosovo, Help upholds the same approach and methodology that have proven successful in other Balkan countries. Our commitment to empowering individuals and communities remains unwavering.
One highlight of our visit was our interaction with a local start-up business supported by the RECONOMY program. This program focuses on training and education in digital transformation and green economic development, in partnership with HELVETAS and Swedish Sida. Our local partner is in finance and accounting for businesses not only in Kosovo but also in the wider region. What’s remarkable is that it also extends its reach to educate and mentor individuals, with a significant 80 per cent of its clients being women. This initiative is a powerful force in promoting female empowerment in Kosovo and the surrounding region.
By equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for the digital age and sustainable economic practices, we are not only addressing “the brain drain” but also driving socio-economic sustainable development and female empowerment in Kosovo and beyond.
At Help, we believe in the transformative power of education and support. Stay tuned as we continue our journey, making a positive impact in Kosovo and across the Balkans. 💪📚🌐
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