Today, on 20.01.2020 Help signed a cooperation agreement with the Municipality of Drenas for the support of at least 30 micro businesses in 2020.

The Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Ramiz Lladrovci expressed satisfaction with the achievement of this agreement with Help Organization where he also expressed his willingness to successfully implement the project. Country Director of Help, Shqipe Breznica encouraged citizens to follow the activities of Help Organization and use this opportunity to develop their businesses. This agreement will be followed by informative sessions with the citizens of Drenas in February 2020, where everyone will be informed about the method of applying for grants.
The purpose of this agreement is the cooperation between the Municipality of Drenas and Help in the framework of the project “Support to Socio-Economic Stability in Kosovo”, funded by the Medicor Foundation, co-financed by the Municipality of Drenas and implemented by Help.