Due to the difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemic in economy, Help Monitoring Officer has continued the implementation of the business activity monitoring analysis for the project “Support to socio-economic stability in Western Balkans 2017-2018” and is continuing with the report for other projects implemented by Help Kosovo as well.

Report: “Assessment report of the activity of Help grant beneficiaries (clients) of 2017-2018 during the Covid-19 pandemic period.”
May, 2020

Total clients number 300,
During May 2020, 290 clients were contacted, 10 did not respond.
Out of 290, only 85 clients or 29.30% are working at this time, 205 or 70.70% are not working.

85 clients who are working are:
– Farmers 71 clients
– Carpenter 3 clients
– Tailor 1 client
– Metal works 2 clients
– Manufacture of bread 3 clients
– IT 2 clients
– Construction 1 client
– Services 2 clients

Question: 1) How concerned are you with the economic situation created in Kosovo as a result of Covid-19?
Out of the 290 clients,
A) NOT AT ALL stated 85 clients or 29.30%
B) AVERAGE stated 58 clients or 20%
C) A LOT stated 147 clients or 50.70%

Question: 2) Has your business been affected as a result Covid-19?
A) NO stated 85 clients or 29.30%
B) YES stated 205 clients or 70.70%

Question: 3) Has your business declined during this period of COVID-19 pandemic? If so, in what forms a) loss of income, b) difficulty in paying salaries, difficulty in paying rent?
A) NO stated 85 clients or 29.30%
B) YES stated 205 clients or 70.70% (a) Loss in revenue

Question: 4) Are the measures taken by the government enough for your business to survive until the end of the Covid-19 pandemic?
A) NO stated 66 clients or 22.76%
B) YES stated 224 or 77.24%

Question: 5) What exactly would be the adequate help for your business, in addition to cash (fertilizers for farmers; textiles and / or accessories for tailors; hair materials / colors for beauticians and hairdressers; soap for automotive; food and drinks for restaurants)?
A) Other support, said 181 of them which is 62.42%
B) Raw material stated 109 of them or 37.58%

Question: 6) Plans in the future?
Of the 290 clients all stated that they plan to continue the same business activity.