After signing the contract between Help and SH.P.K “FILIGRAN” on 15.12 2021, Help started preparations for the handicraft course at the Correctional Center for women in Lipjan, secured the materials and work tools, the training started in mid-December 2021.

In the first part of the course, the importance of preserving the Filigree was explained and then the working methods. Five (5) candidates continued the training until the end during the 12-month period. In the workshop, it was worked pure silver.

After the writing of the silver is done, the preparation of the wire is done with different dimensions depending on the article which was worked with.

Trained candidates have shown great ambition and willingness to learn this methodology. In the beginning, there were the initial elements, then moved on to the manufacture of articles according to the filigree work models, during the passage of time it was allowed to work independently, including the design and the work until the finalization of the product.

The finalized items have been cleaned with 20% HCL acid and bicarbonate soda NaHC03 and were exhibited in the facilities of the Correctional Center in Lipjan.

Help wishes success to the trained candidates.