Valbona Tërnava Sejdiu from Prishtina, a mother of two children. Her profession is Albanologist, she has graduated in the Faculty of Literature and Albanian language 10 years ago. Since that time she couldn’t find a job in her profession. In 2016 she applied for a grant from Help Kosovo and was supported with cleaning equipment. The company’s name “Xixë” was named from the word in Albanian which in English means sparkle or glint, a word usually said from our customers.

Our focus activities are cleaning services basically in family household, flat/houses. We have consistently tried to make our cleaning activity ecologically, but with high disinfectant effects. The motto of the company is “Why to buy them new when you can make them new”.

“Help Kosovo for us was like a spark for making of “Xixë”, without this spark our business it wouldn’t be the same as it is today”