Reis Muhameti is a client from Prizren. During the first year of studies at the University of Prizren, Reis Muhameti, Ismail Kryeziu and Ardit Kololli had a discussion about employment after finishing university education. After a discussion, they agreed that as long as they are in the university they need to start working from home as freelancers in the field of web development, design and marketing. In addition to working as freelancers, they also started another project,, a site from which visitors from all over the world could make custom products. They began contacting companies from different fields to make arrangements for selling their products. In a short time, the stock of products reached the number of 50 thousand products.

Work from home became tedious and not very productive and they decided to apply for a grant at Help organization. With the support of Help organization, they now have a working office and computer accessories that was needed for the activity. With the help of the organization, they have now collaborated with an Austrian software development company. From the three people that were engaged at the beginning now they have also engaged two students of the faculty of arts and mechatronics in Pristina. “.