Ilire is a graphic designer from Prishtina. Having started as a freelance graphic designer, Ilire now owns a lovely craft shop in the center of Prishtina, where she sells her unique creations. Ilire came up with the original idea of making postcards, magnets, bags and other items with traditional Albanian motifs. Ilire uses recycled kraft paper for her products as more environmentally friendly, and also gives her illustrations a distinctive look.

Determined to be successful in her work, Ilire presented her idea to Help, and won a printing machine for her designs, which Ilire used to print in large amounts in printing shops for extra costs. Ilire still uses this machine, which enabled her to continue with her work for far fewer costs.

Except postcards, she even produces tote bags with special designs, cushions, tablecloths, etc., which brings traditional symbols back in a very fashionable way.

While the demand for her original work increases, Ilire plans to increase the workforce capacity and expand her business.

You can find Ilire’s “Art e Zanat” shop in the street on the backside of the main Government building.