Four (4) minors, four (4) cooks and eight (8) women held at the Kosovo Correctional Service Center in Lipjan have successfully completed the training in gastronomy. 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳
Officials of Help Kosovo visited the Correctional-Educational Center in Lipjan supported with equipment for gastronomy years ago and raw material for training in gastronomy through the project carried out with the aim of rehabilitation and re-socialization of detained persons, within the project “Supporting socio-economic stability in the Western Balkans region” in the period 2017-2018.
According to Ali Gashi, Director of this Center, the project supported by Help with kitchen equipment has been a good opportunity for minors to train as cooks because there have been requests from convicts and due to the lack of equipment training for cooks has been impossible.
The lack of equipment, the lack of certified trainers as well as the lack of concretizing material (food items) which are not included in the contract with economic operators have been some of the challenges that SHKK has faced.
Help’s investment has had a positive impact resulting in two generations trained in gastronomy.
Further, in cooperation with the APRK, three cooks have followed the training on Work Methodology, where they will hold trainings with the prisoners under the monitoring of the Professional Training Center – QAP.