Gent Saraçi has been supporting the field activities implementation for Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe as Field Officer since 2017

RECONOMY Program Manager is responsible for assuring compliance of activities (those implemented by the PFU itself as well as those of partners) with administrative requirements as laid out in the Helvetas Collaboration Agreement, Helvetas organisational rules and Codes of Conduct. This includes the following main tasks on monitoring compliance of Implementation Partners with rules and processes laid out in the Partnership Agreements and coordinate necessary activities with the Helvetas Western Balkans/EaP regional manager and Programme Administrative Manager also planning and co-organizing workshops, events & study trips.

Previous work at Help are related to liaising with beneficiaries and other stakeholders and providing oversight to ensure compliance with the organizational policies and procedures and the local legislation. An innovative, flexible, and self-driven professional, Gent serves as an inspiration to the team. Prior to joining the Help team, Gent worked as a researcher and translator for various UNDP, USAID, and EU funded projects implemented by local organizations.

Gent holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development and a bachelor’s degree in Management, Information Management, and Marketing from the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Economics, and he is also a certified web designer. Gent is fluent in Albanian (native) and English and has basic proficiency in Turkish.

Outside his professional interests, Gent is passionate about basketball, music, and computers.