Business training for clients in Municipalities in 2019 (Prizren, Obiliq, Fushe-Kosove, Gracanica)

“Self-Employment Training Program”, implemented by Help Kosovo. This program aims to foster employ-ability and entrepreneurship and expanding job opportunities for youth from Gjilan, Viti, Kacanik, and Hani i Elezit. The program will deliver business skills training to around 200 youth, and upon completion, best 32 business proposals presented by trainees will receive small grants, which are also co-financed by partner municipalities, to start their own businesses.

Vocational training within the Project ʺSupport to Sustainable Economic Development in Municipal Level” financed by the Ministry of Local Government Administration of the Kosovo Government and Ministry of Foreign Affair of the German Government and implemented by Help in Municipality of Kamenica

Business training for clients in 7 Municipalities (Lipjan, Deçan, Shtërpce, Istog, Suhareka, Mitrovica and Mitrovica North)

Business training for clients in Shterpce (June 2018)

Training for the staff of Educational Correctional Center in Lipjan