Zivorad is a florist from Gracanica, who has been working in the art of floristry for most of his life.

Walking through his perfectly ordered garden with hundreds of flowers in neat arrangement, one can immediately notice his fervent passion for flowers and floral artistry. His stock of blooms includes a wide variety, many available year-round, with only this year having had planted five to six thousand of seedlings. However, Zivorad also owns a small shop in the center of Gracanica, making it more accessible for local people.

Zivorad would grow seeds only outside in the open ground, but Help supported him with a greenhouse, offering his flowers a warm place to grow even in bad weather and during winter. He says that it was difficult when a heavy rain would fall and destroy almost all the flowers he had prepared for his customers. A greenhouse also enables him to grow exotic flowers, like different types of tulips and orchids. Though he keeps a wide range of fresh cut flowers all year long in his shop, classic roses are customer favorites.

Zivorad’s flower shop also offers a wide range of wedding bouquets. With the help of his daughter in law, they create charming bouquets, popular among locals, but they also receive special orders from people in the surrounding area.

Zivorad is also a local favorite for buying houseplants, many of which he also keeps inside his own house.