Zana is a young dressmaker and entrepreneur from Gjakova. Growing up in a sewing family, Zana started sewing at a young age. Having on her side her dad, who passed on to her the family tradition of sewing, Zana took the courage to start alone her entrepreneurial journey. It had always been a dream for Zana to actualize the dress models she had in her mind. Zana started with her family’s sewing machines, but after she heard about Help, she applied for new models of sophisticated sewing machines to give her creations a much more detailed and professional look. Help also provided Zana with professional training in sewing, the certificate of which she proudly keeps hung up on the wall inside her lovely couture shop located in Gjakova’s main bazaar. According to Zana, this also helped her to build trust in her customers, the number of whom increased so quickly that Zana had to increase her staff number by employing two regular workers, as well as an additional seasonal worker.

Zana is very happy with her achievements. When she started her business, Zana would do the dress models, the patterns, the cutting and sewing all on her own. Through determination and hard work, she now plans to hire additional workers and expand her dressmaking business.