Shend Xhemajli a bachelor of Business Administration in the University of New York in Tirana, He is the owner of the company “Skwer Studio”. In Tirana he had the experience to be engaged in different activities related to business which has motivated him to start a startup business in Pristina Kosovo. “Sometimes when I say that I am dealing with Technological Innovation people confuse me with a programmer or graphic designer, but no I am if I can say the leader of the project”. Actually we are a team consisted of four youngsters but in the future we aim to get bigger and increase the number of employees.

Our aim is to reach the Global market and in Kosovo we can build the factory which will do the manufacturing and packaging where we aim to employ youngsters. “Help Kosovo is the main initiator for our success, and if we wouldn’t have the opportunity it would be much harder for us to realize our project”. He recommends each youngster that has an idea or a field that he or she is able to work with, not hesitate to try it, not to fear from the difficulties.