Metë Nimoni is a sheep farmer from Gllaviçicë village in Peja. He is well-known in the whole district of Peja for his high-quality dairy products.

Metë cares for the welfare of a large herd of sheep. He brings his sheep out to fresh grazing every day, herding them to the beautiful fields of Dukagjini region. Metë claims that the quality of his dairy stems exactly from rearing his sheep in the fields of this area.

When Metë heard about Help, he applied for a grant with equipment, such as a milking machine, a rototiller, etc. Help team visited Metë in his farm, and after seeing the potential of his work, they were fully convinced that he must be the beneficiary of the grant. Metë has been working with this equipment since the first day he received them, saying that he now does the work much faster and easier.

Metë produces goat milk, goat cheese and curd, as well as high-quality meat and other products which he sells in the local market. However, besides distributing his products to local retailers, he has also a number of regular clients who come to pick up their favorite products fresh from the farm.

In the not too distant future, Metë plans to increase the production capacity and expand his promising business.