Havushe Bunjaku is a woman entrepreneur and founder of “99 Lule”, a company which is among the first of its kind in Kosovo.

The grant from Help was one of the first grants that Havushe received, providing her with equipment that supported her company’s activities in its early stages of growth.

While Havushe and a small group of women farmers in Kishnice initiated this women-led business, today “99 Lule” has 5 regular employees, and only this year, they have contracted an additional number of 50 women from Kishnice and the surrounding area to cultivate and collect medicinal and aromatic plants in the field, expanding employment for rural women in Kosovo.
There may be many companies of a similar nature, run by men and women together, in the local market, however, what makes this business special is as Havushe says: “we (women) are the owners and founders ourselves, and, we work on our own, in the company and in the field.”
“99 Lule” is also the first company of its kind to have organic certification. In addition to a variety of organic teas, Havushe now also produce other products, such as essential oils, healing creams and balms, etc.

You can find “99 Lule” organic products in Grandstore, as well as in many local stores in Prishtina.