Project: “Self-Employment Training Program”

Duration: July 30, 2018 – October 31, 2019

Expanding job opportunities for youth in Kosovo is the focus of our latest Self-Employment Training Program. USAID Empower Private Sector project signed a grant agreement with organization Help Kosovo to implement the training program which aims to foster employ-ability and entrepreneurship of vulnerable and marginalized youth in Gjilan, Viti, Kacanik, and Hani i Elezit. In the next 15 months, the program will deliver business skills training to around 200 youth, and upon completion, the top 32 business proposals presented by the trained youth will receive small grants to start their own businesses. In partnership with Sida – Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete.

The objective of this Activity is to foster youth employability and entrepreneurship for vulnerable and marginalized youth through the Self-Employment (SE) Training Program in the municipalities of Kacanik, Hani i Elezit, Viti, and Gjilan.

The SE program will consist of two components: a relevant “business training” course, followed by the provision of self-employment grants to a selected number of high-potential youth participants. Key partners in collaborating in implementation will include local municipalities, the MLSW and other relevant local organizations. Business trainings will be provided in each municipality for two groups of 25 participants. This adds to a total of 200 people. At least 32 selected participants will receive a self-employment grant of up to EUR 3,650, amounting to a total of 32 youth grantees.

Help, in coordination with relevant municipality representatives, will reach, recruit, train, and provide self-employment grants. In total, 200 young people will attend a five (5) day business training course and in each municipality, there will be two (2) groups of 25 participants. The training will cover:

Generating and refining your business idea, start-up basics, how to register a new business

Introduction to business plans, business plan building basics

Market research and strategic planning

Marketing for small business, small business promotion, and social media platforms

Small business accounting and taxes.