Rrezart Shala has extensive experience in supporting project implementation by managing logistical and financial procedures, carrying out strategic sourcing and supply chain management, including forecasting, budget planning, and inventory control. Rrezart has been supporting Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe activities as a Field Officer since 2016. Much of his work has focused on coordination with municipalities, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders to implement all aspects of grant agreements and execution in compliance with organizational policies and procedures and local legislation. Rrezart takes a creative approach to working with others and adapts easily to the team dynamics. In his professional experience, Rrezart has served as Kosovo Branch Manager for Primus Electronics, Montenegro, as Cash Management Officer for TEB Bank and Raiffeisen Bank, and as Manager of Clean Master, a hygienic products production and sales company that he founded himself. During the Kosovo War in the 1990s, Rrezart coordinated logistics as part of the emergency relief efforts for the United Nations World Food Program. He has also completed several professional training and certification programs. Rrezart is fluent in Albanian (native), English, Serbian, and has good proficiency in Turkish. Contact: shala@help-kosovo.org